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Focus on your purpose not your pain. Visit the Joint Injection Clinic.

The Joint Injection Clinic provides patients with a convenient, efficient and effortless option for managing your joint pain.  Our highly skilled team of medical doctors are able to swiftly diagnose and provide options to manage joint pain.  From frozen shoulder to knee arthritis, wrist tendonitis as well as tennis elbow we offer a rapid access service.  If pain is interfering with your working day, normal movement, fitness goals or rest at night, we can help. Contact us now for an urgent appointment in an easily accessible London location.

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A convenient and cost-effective alternative for you.

We offer a convenient alternative to today’s lengthy NHS waiting times and the considerable private hospital costs of an ultrasound-guided injection.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Knee pain

Hyaluronic Acid (Viscosupplement)

Hyaluronic Acid acts in a similar way to the body’s naturally produced synovial (joint) fluid, helping to lubricate joints in painful arthritis.

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Steroid Injection


Steroid injection acts as a targeted anti-inflammatory medicine. It is used in painful arthritis and inflammatory conditions.

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A high volume injection is used to expand a tight ball-and-socket shoulder joint, particularly useful in frozen shoulders.

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High volume injection (HVI)

High volume injection (HVI)

Involves the injection of water and local anaesthetic around a tendon and is often used to treat Achilles and Patellar tendinopathy.

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Involves the use of concentrated glucose to act as a local irritant solution. This is used to treat ligament laxity.

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Doctor Checking the Patient

The Joint Injection Clinic offers a unique service:

  • Rapid-access:

    waiting times are less than 48 hours on average.

  • Doctor-led:

    All procedures are performed by a doctor with at least ten years’ experience in providing musculoskeletal procedures.

  • Ultrasound-guided:

    All injections are performed with ultrasound-guidance, which improves accuracy and allows the doctor to visualise the injection in real-time. It also reduces the risk of complications such as nerve damage and bleeding.

  • Musculoskeletal:

    Including all major joint, soft-tissue, nerve, tendon injections.