Which conditions do we treat?

Shoulder Pain
Shoulder Pain Treatment

✓ Frozen shoulder - Hydrodilatation
✓ Sub-acromial pain syndrome ("impingement")
✓ Acromio-clavicular joint (ACJ) arthritis/inflammation
✓ Shoulder arthritis

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Hip Pain
Hip Pain Treatment

✓ Hip arthritis/inflammation
✓ Trochanteric bursitis (Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome)
✓ High hamstring tendinopathy

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Knee Pain
Knee Pain Treatment

✓ Knee arthritis/inflammation
✓ Baker's cyst
✓ High Volume Injection (HVI) - Patellar tendinopathy
✓ Fat pad impingement

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Hand & Wrist Pain
Wrist & Hand Pain Treatment

✓ De Quervain's Tenosynovitis (thumb-sided wrist pain)
✓ ECU Tenosynovitis (little finger sided tendon pain)
✓ Small joint arthritis - 1st CMC joint (base of the thumb)
✓ Trigger finger / Carpal tunnel syndrome
✓ Wrist ganglion
✓ Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint (DRUJ)

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Elbow Pain
Elbow Pain Treatment

✓ Tennis elbow (caution with steroid use)
✓ Golfer's elbow (caution with steroid use)
✓ Elbow nerve entrapment - "cubital tunnel syndrome" & radial nerve hypersensitivity conditions
✓ Triceps & Biceps tendinopathy

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Foot & Ancle Pain
Foot & Ankle Pain Treatment

✓ High Volume Injection (HVI) -
Achilles tendinopathy
✓ Ankle arthritis/impingement
✓ Plantar fasciitis (caution with steroid use)
✓ Morton's neuroma/intermetatarsal bursitis
✓ Midfoot/Forefoot arthritis
✓ Sesamoiditis

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