Elbow Treatment

The most common elbow injuries seen in a young sporting population, are tennis elbow, seen in the outer side of the forearm and elbow, and golfer's elbow on the inner side. These tendon issues tend to occur as a result of overload of the tendon, commonly associated with the sports that they are named after, but are also frequently associated with repetitive activity, such as DIY, gardening or plastering.

At The Joint Injection Clinic, after a history and examination, our clinicians use ultrasound to clearly diagnose these common tendon issues. Management involves avoidance of aggravating activity, as well as focussing on tendon strengthening and loading, under the guidance of an experienced physiotherapist. Shockwave and injection therapy can also be used to treat these common conditions.

In addition to this, we less commonly see degenerative conditions such as elbow osteoarthritis, which can also respond positively to injection options.

Elbow Pain Treatment

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